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About QMS

QMS America ownership belongs to a group of people involved in the wire and rope industry from more than 30 years ago. Its corporate and accounting office is located in Coral Gables, Florida; with the sales office located in Pensilvania.

Barry Mosemann has assumed the direct responsibilities of representing the well know European companies supplying machinery and accessories to the electrical, communication, and rope Industry.


Barry Mosemann

I started out my career in the Wire and Cable Industry after spending more than 12 years in the aircraft industry. In 1991 I was offered a job as a Sales Engineer for SAMP USA, previously known at that time as MacDraw.

Since my introduction to the industry more than 25 years ago, I have learned about the many different challenges that manufacturers face in the production of wire and cable. My experience with drawing, stranding, extrusion, and measuring equipment has helped me assist many of my customers to overcome some of their challenges.

I enjoy the rewards of helping my customers by providing a solution to their production requirements; however, what is most important to me, are the many friendships I have developed while working in this unique industry.

I hope to continue cultivating those friendships and making new ones.